Lighthouse School alumni include middle school, high school and college students. Some continue their secondary education here on island, others attend off-island boarding schools. Our graduates are our best and most valuable spokespeople. Read what they have to say about their experiences at Lighthouse School.

Words from Our Alumni

I adored Lighthouse School so much that I remember being on the verge of tears at the prospect of each summer vacation.

Lighthouse School was not "school" to me - it was a place where I went to explore and create, learning heaps of academic knowledge and relational skills without even being aware that I was being taught. It challenged me on every level (head, heart, and hands!), nurturing my curiosity and igniting my desire to learn while simultaneously teaching me about perseverance and the value of hard work.

Ashleigh Inglis – Harvard University, Nantucket Golf Club Foundation Nantucket Scholar

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