Faculty and Staff

Head of School

Emily Miller
Head of School

B.A. Boston University- Sociology, Lesley University M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction/ Literacy Specialization

An educator with more than twenty years of experience, Emily served as Nantucket New School’s Lower School Head, and most recently as a learning specialist at Marin Country Day School in California.

Emily rejoined Nantucket Lighthouse School’s staff in 2011 after working as a learning specialist at Marin Country Day School in Corte Madera, California. She brings with her over 20 years of experience in schools and non-profit organizations. Beginning her career as an upper elementary educator, Emily has since worked with children from preschool through 8th grade. Through her graduate work and experiences as both a classroom teacher and school administrator, Emily has gained extensive knowledge in curriculum design and child development. She has also acquired a range of experience working with various Nantucket organizations including the Community Network for Children, the Friends of the Nantucket Atheneum, and The Children's House of Nantucket. Having served in a variety of roles in independent schools, including teacher of children pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade, learning specialist, development consultant, Board member, and parent of school-aged children, Emily offers Nantucket Lighthouse School a breadth of experience and a unique perspective. Emily is married to Schuyler Kuhl and they have two children, Sophie and Carter.

508-228-0427 Extension 12 emiller@nantucketlighthouseschool.org

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Ana Valeria Alonzo
Spanish Teacher

Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de la República. Escuela de nutrición, Universidad de la República. Montevideo Uruguay

Valeria was born in Uruguay where she studied Medicine and Nutrition. She moved to Nantucket eight years ago and gradually fell in love with the Island. Valeria is a yoga instructor and teaches at one of the local island yoga studios. In her free time, Valeria practices yoga, reads and enjoys the peace and nature of the island.

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Joni Amaral
Upper Primary Teacher

Framingham State University – B.S. Elementary Education with a minor in the Arts, Lesley University M.Ed. in Education with an Interdisciplinary in Integrated Teaching Through the Arts

Over the past sixteen years, I feel honored to have taught students, preschool through fifth grade, in Maine, Germany, Japan, and Massachusetts. Working closely with children fills my heart with great joy and challenges me to find new and different ways to present new information/concepts.  I am passionate about using the Arts to enhance and enrich educational experiences for diverse learning styles and abilities.  I am inspired by these ever-varied experiences as my own love of learning continues. 

I love playing on the beach, being out on the water, or exploring different parts of the island with my husband Pedro and our children, Sawyer and Luciana.  I also enjoy traveling, taking photos, oil painting, and practicing yoga. Snuggling, while reading books, with my children is an ideal way for me to end a busy day.

I am thrilled to join the Lighthouse School family as both an Upper Primary teacher and as a parent - Sawyer and Luciana will be spending their days in this magical place as well!

“By creating learning environments where creativity is part of human intelligence, where social skills are essential for learning, where dance, music and all the arts are integral to the identity of student, classroom, and school, we create an academic balance that is truly healthy – a balance based on the harmony of body, mind, spirit, and community.  In such an environment, students can walk in beauty on their paths to being powerful human beings, active citizens, and responsible contributors to the ongoing creative unfolding of life on this planet.”

-Nick Page
(educator, composer, conductor, and author)

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Kate Pelletier Andrews
Primary Class Teacher

B.A. Lafayette College, English/Art History; M.Ed.Fitchburg State University

Kate Pelletier Andrews was born on Nantucket and grew up on the South Shore of Boston in Hingham.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts in English/ Art History at Lafayette College and briefly living in New York, Kate found her way back to the island. Following an enduring interest in working with children, she began learning about the philosophy of Lighthouse as a teaching assistant for the Primary class. As an artist herself, the confluence of art and education resonated strongly with her. The next year, she taught her own Small School class and simultaneously earned a M. Ed. from Fitchburg State College. For the eight years thereafter, Kate taught Kinderclass and Primary classes. She now returns to Nantucket Lighthouse School to teach the Little Lighthouse program with her own daughter, Faye.


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Linda Ballinger
Primary Teacher

"I welcome every opportunity to work with students of all ages, taking challenges and growing together."

Linda is a compassionate and dedicated educator with strong observational skills and knowledge of childhood development. She started her career in education back in 2006 as Kindergarten Teacher on Nantucket and joined Nantucket Lighthouse School as Primary Teacher in 2015. 

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Andy Bullington
Music Instructor

Berklee College of Music

An alumnus of the Berklee College of Music, Andy has been a composer, guitarist, and instrumental teacher for over twenty-five years.

An alumnus of the Berklee College of Music, Andy has been a composer, guitarist, and instrumental teacher for over twenty-five years. He lives year-round in the village of Siasconset with his wife, photographer Cary Hazlegrove, and their daughter Virginia, who attended the Lighthouse School from pre-school through the 8th grade. Andy performs on-island with Earth Got the Blues, The Glazer-Bullington Duo and the Eastenders, and composes music for a wide range of projects including film, video and theater. He offers private lessons to children and adults with a concentration in guitar, bass and ukulele, in addition to his work in the Nantucket Lighthouse School classrooms.


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Alana Cullen
Small School Teacher

B.A. Salve Regina University in Newport, RI --English and Anthropology

Alana is a maker and mother of two. She's been working with children for over 15 years as a camp counselor, nanny and daycare provider. She marvels at the intelligence, creativity and humor of young children. Alana has a passion for empowering children, each in their own unique learning journey, through the exploration of nature, handcrafts and everyday objects.

When she's not in her garden you'll find her exploring the island with her two young sons and seeking the magic in every day.

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Michael Cvetich
7th/8th Grade Humanities Teacher and Middle School Technology Coordinator

B.A. Psychology, U.C. Merced

Michael has spent the last 3 years working at Sacramento Country Day School as a middle school teacher, tech support specialist and multi-sport coach.

He attended University California at Merced where he was a starting pitcher for their baseball team for 2 years.  He continues his passion for athletic competition while pursuing his goal to grow both as an educator and person.  Michael has been a camp counselor for young adults for 12 years as well as an instructor for children from low-income schools. A phrase he lives by is “be the best version of yourself, today” and in following that he created a class titled “Happiness is…” where the students discussed what it was to be a happy and flourishing person. Taking his students hiking in the Marin Headlands and Yosemite National Park were some of his favorite experiences as an educator.  Packing up and moving from Sacramento to Nantucket is just the next chapter in his pursuit of dynamic challenges and opportunities, and is thrilled to be joining the Lighthouse School community.

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Kirsten Featherly
Upper Primary Teacher

Masters of Education, Bank Street College

Kirsten, a mom of three beautiful girls, has been teaching for almost 20 years.

She has taught in Saint Croix, Brooklyn, Rome, Bridgehampton, Vermont and Nantucket and has lived in Brazil, Paris, Rome, and various states in the United States. Kirsten has a love for travel and believes that understanding other cultures is important to a child’s development. She tries her best to share this love with her daughters, one of whom spent a year in Italy as an exchange student, and her youngest joined her on a week-long hiking trip to the Lost City in Colombia.

Kirsten believes in educating the whole child; the emotional, social, physical and intellectual aspects of their being. She works to provide learning opportunities that are experience-based, interdisciplinary and collaborative, thus allowing students to expand their perspectives, learn with and from others and explore topics through a variety of academic disciplines.

When she’s not busy teaching or spending time with her family, you’ll probably find Kirsten walking her dogs on the beach. An almost five-year resident on Nantucket, Kirsten is excited to join Nantucket Lighthouse School this fall.

Extension 1014

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Lizbet Carroll Fuller
Co-Founder and Curriculum Planning & Development Middle School

B.A. Wesleyan University, Studio Art/English; M.Ed. Antioch New England Graduate School

Lizbet co-founded Lighthouse School with Elizabeth Sundell in 2000. A gifted artist and teacher, Lighthouse unites her interest and experience in the arts and education.

Lizbet grew up in Irvington, N.Y. and moved to Nantucket to teach at the elementary school after earning her B.A. at Wesletyan University and an M.Ed. at Antioch NE. Upon leaving NES, she established her own pre-school turned kindergarten program, A Small School, which was informed by the pre-school created by her educator mother, Linda Carroll. Lizbet's philosophy of education is inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Waldorf School, as well as the Integrated Day approach of Antioch NE. She credits her work at the Mead School in Connecticut for her commitment to the integration of a social curriculum. In 1999, Elizabeth Sundell and Lizbet joined forces to co-found Lighthouse and most of Lizbet's original Small School students were amongst Lighthouse's first graduates in 2005. Lizbet is ever-grateful to Kathy Kelm Cronin of NISDA for leasing the school its initial home in the Wauwinet barn, to Elizabeth and the Chace family for supporting the founding of Lighthouse, and to all of the staff members and families that have come together over the years to make school happen. Lizbet served as a Lighthouse teacher, Director of Education, and NLS Trustee for its first 14 years. She currently works on a part-time basis, developing curriculum and supporting the work of Lighthouse teachers. She lives on the island with her husband Chris and their son Eli.


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Allison Gayo
Extended Day Teacher and Small School Teaching Assistant

B.A. Psychology, Vassar College

After graduating from Vassar, Allison traveled to Nantucket for the first time to teach environmental education at the Maria Mitchell Association and quickly fell in love with the island community.

She decided to stay a winter….and then another summer and another winter....working at the Nantucket Community School’s Extended Day program, Maria Mitchell, and Handlebar Cafe. Allison is excited to return for her third year on-island and become part of the Lighthouse community, with her passion for experiential, environmental, and creative education. In her free time, Allison loves running, finding new recipes, and creating art.

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Meg Glidden
Middle School Math Teacher & 7th/8th Science Teacher

B.S. Microbiology/UMass/Amherst, 1982

After college Meg moved to Nantucket and worked as an EMT, lab tech and Childbirth Educator. She taught Science at Nantucket Christian Academy. She homeschooled her six children in all subjects for over 20 years. She has an enormous garden and a passion for music, playing both guitar and flute. She teaches middle school Sunday School at Summer Street Church. Meg is thrilled to be working with your kids to discover the wonders of numbers. Her favorite one, at the moment, is 91.


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Rain Harbison
Director of Horticulture

Rain is passionate about being a good steward of this earth, while organically growing food, herbs, flowers and pollinator-friendly plants with respect for all creatures.

Rain's Nantucket gardening experience began in 1993 at Bartlett's Farm and she has been organically gardening both professionally and at home with her children, friends, neighbors, clients (and some strangers and distant family members while on vacation) ever since. Her lifelong love of growing things sprouted in her great grandmother's backyard oasis. There she fell in love with the raining cherry blossoms, sweet smelling hyacinths and vegetables tucked in among the hollyhocks and sunflowers. She considered this beautiful garden a surprise to find given that it was in a tiny city backyard. Ever since then, Rain has found ways and places, no matter how small, to grow a variety of plants.

Rain is passionate about composting, crop rotation, companion planting, seed saving, beneficial insects and finding delicious and nutricious recipes to use up a harvest.

When the weather is too foul for walking in her gardens, you will find Rain playing in her greenhouse, canning in her kitchen, sewing eco-friendly gifts in her studio, making salves, lip blams and surf wax, or collecting seaweed for mulch at the beach.  

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Alicia Keller
Small School Teacher

B.S. Hartford College/Central Connecticut State -- Arts Education

An accomplished educator, weaver, cook, and avid boater, Alicia took a year off from teaching to sail the Caribbean. Since her return, she continues to develop our Small School program.

Alicia developed and taught the Children's Art Program at the Creative Arts Center in Chatham, MA. An accomplished weaver, cook, and avid boater, Alicia raised and home-schooled her two sons Carl and Noah here on Nantucket with her husband Carl Keller. Alicia has taught art education programs at NISDA, the Maria Mitchell Museum, and the Nantucket Atheneum. She has taught art and served as a Teaching Assistant at the Nantucket Elementary School. Alicia joined the Lighthouse faculty in 2004 and has been integral to the vibrant Small School program ever since.

508-228-0427 Extension 18

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Julia Maury
Primary Teacher

BA in American Studies, Certification in Early Childhood Education with the American Montessori Society

Julia grew up on Nantucket and developed her love of learning early in life when she had Lizbet as a first grade teacher, received reading instruction from Sandy, and rode the school bus with Mr. Cranston. Julia attended Columbia University in New York City, where she earned her BA in American Studies. While in college, she lived abroad in Cape Town, South Africa and tutored young children in language, writing, and life skills. Julia has her certification as a Lead Teacher with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and recently received her certification in Early Childhood Education with the American Montessori Society. She spent two years as a Lead Teacher at the Montessori Children’s House of Nantucket and has previously held the positions of Extended Day Instructor and Small School Teacher at Nantucket Lighthouse School.

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Sandy Mitchell
Teacher Mentor and Literacy Planning & Development

B.S. Gordon College of Education- Elementary Education, Reading Consultant K-12

With over 30 years' experience as an educator and K-12 Reading Consultant, Sandy brings her love for nature and books into her classroom and work with teachers.

In addition to tutoring students, ages 5-adult, Sandy began her career as a Language Therapist at, Linden Hill School, a private school for dyslexic students. She was also a special needs and Title I reading instructor in the Rockport and Gloucester Public Schools, a preschool instructor for second language learners and a grades 3/4 classroom teacher before moving to Nantucket in 1987. Sandy is grateful to John Miller, whose guidance and support enabled her to establish the Reading & Writing Program with Jim Sulzer at Nantucket Elementary School, where she served as Reading Specialist for 12 years. After building on her knowledge of children's literature in her work at the Weezie Library for Children, Sandy was thrilled to join the Lighthouse School in the newly formed Primary 5 class in 2005. Sandy enjoys traveling with her husband Carter and their children Caleb and Emily, discovering the beautiful lands and people in Cape Breton, St. Lucia, Costa Rica, Europe and most recently, New Zealand. Naturally, she is an avid reader, and loves to cook and explore the natural beauty of the island on her daily walks with Carter and their dog, Maya.


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Russell Morash
Russell Morash Chair in Childhood Horticulture

Russ has been a longtime friend of Nantucket Lighthouse School and an inspiration to generations of gardeners and farmers.

As creator, director and executive producer, Russell Morash is credited with introducing the “how-to” concept to public television through his many award-winning series including “The Victory Garden,” “The French Chef with Julia Child” and “This Old House,” among others. Russ serves as the Chair of our horticulture studies and as an advisor to our Director of Horticulture.   

Russ and his wife Marian, author and founding chef of Nantucket’s Straight Wharf Restaurant, spend summers at their home in Shawkemo. There “he” grows and “she” cooks from a vast vegetable garden. Morash occasionally contributes columns in the Inquirer and Mirror on gardening as well as monthly items for the magazine “Nantucket Today.”

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Elizabeth Obremski
Music Teacher

Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education and Theater from Wheelock College in Boston

Lizza Obremski grew up on Nantucket and has been working with children for over 20 years.  Upon graduating from Nantucket High School, a career in teaching seemed an obvious choice.  Lizza earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Theater from Wheelock College in Boston and then moved back to Nantucket, where she became a Teaching Assistant at Nantucket Elementary School.  She moved on to teach Small School at Nantucket Lighthouse School, where she discovered the philosophy on which she has based her work with children ever since.

In addition to her career on Nantucket, Lizza has taught in Beirut, Lebanon and Costa Rica. She is also the founder of Nanpuppets, a band of hand puppets that provide a space where all people, young and old, can learn and laugh simultaneously.

In between her many adventures, Lizza has remained involved in Nantucket Lighthouse School and is thrilled to be back teaching!

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Michael Pasch
5th & 6th Grade Teacher

B.A. in English and Music, M.S. Educational Technology; Ramapo College of New Jersey

Hailing from New Jersey, Michael grew up on its sandy beaches and finds working and living on Nantucket a home away from home.
Michael has worked in various roles as an educator in both the public and private setting instructing learners from preschool to 8th grade.   Working as both a classroom teacher and learning specialist he has extensive experience tailoring curriculum to individual learners and learning styles. He finds Nantucket Lighthouse School a unique and dynamic learning environment. He is excited about the collaborative process and looks forward to working alongside the children and community of NLS. In his free time you can find him playing in the waves with his wife and daughter, Natasha and Mabel.

508-228-0427 Extension 1016

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Barrie Fee Sanders
Kinderclass Teacher

B.A. University of New Hampshire - Communications

Barrie was raised on Nantucket, and returned to work in Education after ten years in Advertising in Boston. She teachers our Kinderclass.

Barrie grew up in Nantucket with the family Fee. After attending UNH, she moved to Boston where she worked in Account Management in the advertising industry for 10 years where she met husband Grant Sanders. They moved back to Nantucket to raise their two children, Madison and Owen. Through her involvement with her own children’s education, Barrie grew interested in teaching. She began to teach with Rhonda Pollock in the Pollock's Polliwogs pre-school program. Barrie later worked at NES as a teaching assistant in the Kindergarten and 1st grade. She joined Lighthouse in 2008 as a teaching assistant and soon became a Kinderclass teacher.

508-228-0427 Extension 21

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Lisa Wisentaner
Physical Education

B.S. Monmouth University – Elementary Education/Special Education

Prior to living on Nantucket, Lisa was an elementary school teacher in NJ and a competitive runner.  After moving to Nantucket full time in 2003 Lisa put her passion for teaching on hold to start a family.  4 kids and 6 years later, Lisa decided to blend her love for teaching and fitness and she opened Nantucket Cycling and Fitness.  As a competitive runner in college, Lisa reached most of her personal best times in races in which she was not the winner.  Her goal as a physical education teacher is to provide an environment in which students learn that the measure of their success is not against others, but in the work that they do to better themselves.  Lisa believes that movement and fitness should not only be fun and dynamic, but also provide a platform to build self esteem.

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Logan Gomes
Director of Advancement and Communications

B.A. in Studio Art (Photography) and English from Colgate University

In her free time, Logan enjoys family nature walks, gardening, yoga and baking.

Originally from Deerfield, MA, Logan has spent the past twelve years working in Marketing and Development for organizations such as the Maria Mitchell Association, Nantucket Holistic Health and The Westmoor Club. A mother of two young boys, Logan is thrilled to be a part of the Lighthouse School family, charged with the task of communicating and supporting the School's mission through events and community outreach. In her free time, Logan enjoys family nature walks, gardening, yoga and baking.

508-228-0427 Extension 13 lgomes@nantucketlighthouseschool.org

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Joan Stockman
Business Manager

Joan moved to Nantucket from Boston, MA in 1994.

Continuing over 25 years of non-profit financial administration, she has worked for several local organizations including the Maria Mitchell Association and the aquaculture facility on Brant Point. Both of Joan's children, Zephyr and Aurora, attended Nantucket Lighthouse School over a period of 12 years, and she served on Nantucket Lighthouse School's Board of Trustees for five. Joan loves to travel, craft, and laugh, and has taught meditation and yoga for over 20 years.

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Barbara Zachary
Admissions & Events

Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH) in Hospitality Management, B.Sc. in Intl. Hospitality Management

In her leisure time, Barbara enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling and spending time outdoors.

After graduating from the International School of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef –Bonn (Germany), Barbara completed a F&B Management Trainee Program at The Ritz Carlton Berlin. She then began a career in Group & Event Management at The Regent Berlin.

After moving to Nantucket in 2010, Barbara has worked for The White Elephant Hotel and The Wauwinet, which both belong to Nantucket Island Resorts.

508-228-0427 Extension 10 bzachary@nantucketlighthouseschool.org

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