Rain Harbison

Rain's Nantucket gardening experience began in 1993 at Bartlett's Farm and she has been organically gardening both professionally and at home with her children, friends, neighbors, clients (and some strangers and distant family members while on vacation) ever since. Her lifelong love of growing things sprouted in her great grandmother's backyard oasis. There she fell in love with the raining cherry blossoms, sweet smelling hyacinths and vegetables tucked in among the hollyhocks and sunflowers. She considered this beautiful garden a surprise to find given that it was in a tiny city backyard. Ever since then, Rain has found ways and places, no matter how small, to grow a variety of plants.

Rain is passionate about composting, crop rotation, companion planting, seed saving, beneficial insects and finding delicious and nutricious recipes to use up a harvest.

When the weather is too foul for walking in her gardens, you will find Rain playing in her greenhouse, canning in her kitchen, sewing eco-friendly gifts in her studio, making salves, lip blams and surf wax, or collecting seaweed for mulch at the beach.