Parent Testimonial

My daughter’s life changed the day she was accepted as a Lighthouse School student.  She attended a different school through grade two.  During that time I watched a fun-loving, energetic, confident little girl become withdrawn.  I knew an educational change was imperative and the Lighthouse School was the school for her.

As a parent, I wanted my child to be in an environment where she felt loved and nurtured.  I wanted her to love going to school, excited to see what each new day would bring.  I wanted her to grow up confident, knowing she was truly special and that the effects of being a positive role model to those around her and within the community would hold a lasting impression.  Being able to learn in a non-traditional environment that nurtured the whole child was an amazing experience for both of us. The Lighthouse School provided all that and much, much more.

I watched the twinkle in my daughter’s eye return in no time.  Her teachers loved her as much as I did.  They knew her inside and out.  Her teachers challenged and nurtured her.  She was able to be the child that loved to learn, at a pace that made her confident and successful.

The little girl that entered the Lighthouse School in 3rd grade is now a senior in high school.  The education she received at the Lighthouse School prepared her well for the transition into public school. She has consistently been on the honor roll, participates in varsity sports, is a National Honor Society member, a peer mentor, and most importantly, a confident, fun-loving, conscientious, hard working student and daughter. The Lighthouse School nurtured the seed that has grown into a beautiful young woman.

Alumni parent Karen Molta

Karen Molta / Parent Testimonial

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Words from Our Alumni

During my years at Lighthouse School I learned so much more than just memorizing facts. That's what separates it from other schools, I learned how to be myself, in the best learning environment there is. Lighthouse School has given me an extraordinary foundation that I will carry with me wherever I go.

I learned more than a textbook could teach, and I always knew that I didn't have to depend on Lighthouse School forever, I could leave, but always know that my heart never really left. 

My teachers became my second parents, my classmates became my brothers and sisters. No matter what we all went through, I knew I had a family who loved me, and I will never forget that. 

Blake Lazarus, NHS Student

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Words from Our Alumni

The Nantucket Lighthouse School is a great environment in which to learn and develop. I wouldn’t nearly be the same person I am today if it weren’t for the Lighthouse School.

I created stronger friendships at Lighthouse than I ever had before. The environment you work in is comfortable and you learn at your pace. If you are struggling, your teacher will take the time to make sure you fully understand it before moving on to something else.  I have had some of the best teachers I will ever have at the Lighthouse School- every single one of them.  I am truly grateful for having my experience at the Lighthouse School for as long as I did. My only regret being that I didn’t start there sooner.  

Ben Elwell, NHS Student age 15

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Words from Our Alumni

I adored Lighthouse School so much that I remember being on the verge of tears at the prospect of each summer vacation.

Lighthouse School was not "school" to me - it was a place where I went to explore and create, learning heaps of academic knowledge and relational skills without even being aware that I was being taught. It challenged me on every level (head, heart, and hands!), nurturing my curiosity and igniting my desire to learn while simultaneously teaching me about perseverance and the value of hard work.

Ashleigh Inglis – Harvard University, Nantucket Golf Club Foundation Nantucket Scholar

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From Our Alumni

I remember starting sixth grade after graduating from Lighthouse three months earlier. Having never gone to school anywhere else, I had numerous and mixed feelings about my place in these new surroundings. Out of all these emotions there was only one thing that made me nervous. I was afraid that I would be behind academically.

I didn't feel like I had learned the math and the grammar, history, science, etc. that everyone else was learning at my age. All I remembered was writing stories in my journal, drawing, knitting, building with Legos, being in plays, reading, going on field trips etc. What I was surprised to find in my first few weeks of sixth grade was that I was not behind at all. Somewhere within what I remembered doing at Lighthouse, I had learned all those things one assumes an eleven-year-old would know. This is a real testament to the way in which this school encourages its students to learn, and I know that I am better for having been there.

Zeb Bennett– The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art established 1859.

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Parent Testimonial

The approach to teaching each child as an individual, was one of the deciding factors in our choosing the Lighthouse School. Just walking into the classrooms, I immediately “got it.” I knew this was not only a perfect fit for my child but also for my family.

The school is an integral part of our family life. It has profoundly affected my parenting and how I run my own life. It is inspiring to see how children are treated with care and thoughtfulness, both as individuals and as a group; they are taught to respect others. When we first enrolled, the Lighthouse School only went to third grade and, while we were there, it grew through the eighth grade and so we had our child at Lighthouse for eleven years. 

I cannot imagine what turns our lives would have taken if we had not had this incredible school available to us. Having the Lighthouse School on our small island is a gift to the already wonderful lives we live here.

Our mission statement talks about “the creative act of learning.” Throughout our program, I am aware of how the school teaches a child to love to learn by inspiring and celebrating ‘self-expression’ through journaling and small class sizes that encourage thoughtful conversation and individualized learning. I am struck by the ease in which children learn in an environment that is surrounded by the handwork work that they make and how children are called upon to assess themselves, which gives them the responsibility for their actions. I value the way in which a strong academic curriculum is intertwined with beauty, nature, thoughtfulness, and care for each child. It is a very tactile approach to learning. 

Education, in our current world environment, has lost sight of the child. We teach to a test, for some unclear end. The Nantucket Lighthouse School celebrates childhood, and teaches children a love of learning, and a respect for each individual.

Cary Hazlegrove/NLS

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