Board of Trustees

D. Anne Atherton, President

“It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of this wonderful school that provides island children with the kind of education we all wish we had had."

D. Anne has been a community organizer for many years, both as a volunteer and a professional. Her commitment to children and education was evident in her work in her former community of Summit, New Jersey, which is also where she grew up. D. Anne was instrumental in planning, building and raising funds for a new, state-of-the-art, day-care facility in the mid-70s. She also served two terms on the Summit Board of Education, enabling her to give back to the school system that educated her.
When the Atherton family moved to Nantucket to live year-round twenty-five years ago, D. Anne became involved in the Nantucket Public School System, advocating for increased parent involvement and advancing the organizational capacity of Friends of Nantucket Public Schools, our island's PTA. Besides serving as President of FONPS, she was on the founding steering committee of the Nantucket Education Trust and was a catalyst for the school-staff housing project.

In the mid-90s, D. Anne and Kim Horyn formed Atherton Horyn Associates (AHA), a consulting firm that provided services to Nantucket non-profits and businesses for several years. The first project for AHA was to work with a group of skating enthusiasts to make Nantucket Ice, their rink of dreams, a reality. AHA's subsequent clients represented the diversity of the community, among which were the Chamber of Commerce, Star of the Sea Youth Hostel, the Town of Nantucket, the MSPCA and the UMASS Boston Nantucket Field Station.

Re-entering the volunteer sector, D. Anne served as President of the Nantucket Civic League, along with her husband, Rick, focusing on neighborhood and community issues. She was also appointed to three terms on the Town and County Roads and Right of Way Committee. Currently, she is the Coordinator for the Nantucket Coastal Conservancy, founded in 2012 to preserve and protect Nantucket’s natural beaches.

D. Anne joined the NLS Board in 2012. While serving as an NLS Trustee, she has chaired the Governance Committee and facilitated the development of the 5-Year Strategic Plan, 2016 to 2102, which will guide our school forward. D. Anne is a proud NLS grandparent. Her granddaughter, Jimmie Verney is in Barrie’s Kinderclass.

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Charity Benz

Charity retired from her position as Regional Director of the U.S. Department of Labor in Boston in 1997, having started her federal career in Washington in the U.S Senate.

She was later appointed to an executive position in the Carter Administration, a post that eventually took her to Boston. After visiting Nantucket in 1990, Charity purchased her first home in 1994 and started to transform her hobby-­‐turned-­‐business, Nantucket Knotworks, into a company that now has commercial customers around the world.

She spent three years on the Town of Nantucket Finance Committee and three years as an alternate on the Planning Board. Her primary interests, among too many, are gardening and the studies of plant morphology, American colonial and English history, and classical music. Charity holds a BA in Economics and an A.B.A. (Associate Degree in Business Administration) from The American University in Washington, D.C. and spent two years of graduate study in demography at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. She is a member of the Cabinet of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation and a Patron of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

Charity has said of our school, “I admire the Lighthouse School because, in these hectic times, its staff nurtures the whole child, while collaborating with parents to lay a strong foundation for their child’s present and future enjoyment of learning and life.”

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Penny Dey, Treasurer

Penny has served on many of the island's non profits, most recently as director of Housing Nantucket, a non-profit helping to house middle income islanders.

Penny Dey is a Broker/Owner of Atlantic East Nantucket Real Estate.  In the real estate business for nearly 3 decades on Nantucket, she has served two terms as President of the Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers and has also been a Director of the Cape Cod & Islands Association of Realtors, the Nantucket Planning & Economic Development Commission, Sustainable Nantucket, the Finance Committee for the Town of Nantucket and Habitat for Humanity. Penny was most recently a director of Housing Nantucket, a non-profit helping to house middle income islanders.

Penny first came to Nantucket with her family in the summer of 1963 and her family still spends time each summer in Quidnet. Nantucket has been her home year round since 1977; her summer job cooking at the Club Car was extended to Christmas that year. Penny never left and, before working in real estate, did many things for a living including scalloping during the winter months.  She feels fortunate to call Nantucket home, and enjoys the challenges of running a locally-owned business.
Penny believes it is important to have choices in education and is excited to have joined the board of the Nantucket Lighthouse School.

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Sabrina Elwell, Secretary

Sabrina has supported many projects in the arts and education, including Lighthouse School, which her son attended.

Sabrina came to Nantucket through her love of art and her grandmother who lived here.  She nurtured her love of art through NISDA and fell in love with Nantucket in the process.  Since living on the island, Sabrina has worked mainly with children, as a nanny and at Small Friends.  As an advisor on a family Foundation, she has contributed to many worthy island projects in the arts and education. Sabrina's son Ben graduated from the Lighthouse Middle School in 2012.  Her devotion to Lighthouse School comes from her son's transformative experience and her genuine appreciation of the school's integrated curriculum that focuses on both arts and academics.

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Lizbet Carroll Fuller, Trustee Emerita

In Lighthouse, Lizbet and co-founder Elizabeth Sundell sought to honor the magic of childhood while creatively introducing the tools to construct meaningful lives.

Lizbet co-founded Lighthouse School with Elizabeth Sundell in 1999 where she has served as the Director of Education, Trustee, classroom teacher and faculty advisor. She has worked with young children for over 25 years in pre-school and elementary school classrooms. She moved to Nantucket in 1991 to teach at NES before leaving and creating her own pre-school turned Kindergarten program, which evolved into the Lighthouse Small School and primary program."We set out to create a school that honors the magic of childhood while creatively introducing children to the ideas, information, and tools they will need to construct meaningful and rewarding lives. In turn, the school has generated a wonderful and caring community of teachers, staff members, families, and friends." Lizbet's philosophy of education is inspired and informed by the work of Rudolf Steiner (founder of Waldorf Education), the Integrated Day approach of the Antioch New England Graduate School, the social curriculum and philosophy of the Mead School, her practical experience in the classroom and the talented staff she has worked with. As a Trustee Emerita, she currently serves in an unofficial advisory role.

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Cary Hazlegrove

She has worn many hats in her island life, including housecleaner, scalloper, baker, musician, and photographer. Cary’s daughter is a Lighthouse Alumni.

Cary Hazlegrove moved to Nantucket from Roanoke, Virginia in the spring of 1978. She has worn many hats in her year-round life, including housecleaner, scalloper, baker, musician, and photographer. Nantucket has been her home and central to her work for more than thirty years. Cary lives in the village of Siasconset with her musician, composer husband, Andy and their daughter, Virginia. Virginia began at the Nantucket Lighthouse School in the Small School when she was 3.5 years old, and is the first student to matriculate through the entire Lighthouse program, graduating from the Middle School in 2013.

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Mark Lucas, Vice President

Originally from Indiana, Mark attended Purdue University, where he had a dual major in agronomy and environmental science.

His work led to him to Nantucket working at the Nantucket Golf Club while the course was under construction, and he is currently the golf course manager at the club.  Mark is proud of the club’s successes; its reputation world-wide as a premier golf club, the club’s strong environmental record and programs, and the Nantucket Golf Club Foundation that supports so many youth programs for children on Nantucket.

Mark is active in community programs and activities including: coaching Little League and T-ball; being a director for the Partnership for Harrier Habitat Preservation (PHHP); being a member of the Naushop Architectural Review Committee (ARC); being a member of the Nantucket Board of Health’s Fertilizer Advisory Board; and having been a member of the Town’s Article 68 Workgroup, which revolutionized how fertilizers are appropriately applied and regulated on Nantucket.

Mark and his wife, Sarah Holton-Roth, met on the island and both feel fortunate to be raising their three children on Nantucket.  Their children (Colby, Sammy, and Aleah) attend NLS, and all have had wonderful and great experiences. Providing their children with an education that is developmentally appropriate and respects the pace of childhood is very important to both Mark and Sarah, and they are so pleased to have found that in the Nantucket Lighthouse School.

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Julia Kuratek Maury

BA in American Studies, Certification in Early Childhood Education with the American Montessori Society

Julia grew up on Nantucket and developed her love of learning early in life when she had Lizbet as a first grade teacher, received reading instruction from Sandy, and rode the school bus with Mr. Cranston. Julia attended Columbia University in New York City, where she earned her BA in American Studies. While in college, she lived abroad in Cape Town, South Africa and tutored young children in language, writing, and life skills. Julia has her certification as a Lead Teacher with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and recently received her certification in Early Childhood Education with the American Montessori Society. She spent two years as a Lead Teacher at the Montessori Children’s House of Nantucket and has previously held the positions of Extended Day Instructor and Small School Teacher at Nantucket Lighthouse School.

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Jane Miller

Devoted grandmother and traveler, Jane served on the Nantucket School Committee, the Town Association, and started the AFS Student Exchange Club.

Jane Miller has been a real estate broker in Nantucket for the past twenty years, currently with Atlantic East Nantucket Real Estate. Before entering real estate Jane taught French and Spanish at Norwich Free Academy in Norwich, Connecticut, and in the Nantucket Schools, where she started the AFS student exchange club. She continues to support AFS, believing strongly in the study abroad experience. She has tutored adult English language learners through the Literacy Project at the Nantucket Atheneum, served two terms on the Nantucket School Committee, and has served on the Town Association, an affiliate of the Civic League, for the past eight years, where she just began her second year as president of the organization. She loves reading, participating in the Atheneum World Voices Book Club, spending time with her five grandchildren (two of whom are students at Lighthouse School), and traveling with her husband, John.

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Kitty Pochman

Kitty has directed nonprofits on Nantucket over a 25 year career. A mother and grandmother, she is passionate about education that connects students to the natural world and all its wonders.

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Susan Storey

Having graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1983, Sue’s passion for managing her own financial affairs led to the beginning of a successful career in the business.

She moved to Nantucket from the Cape in 1997 to run the investment program at Nantucket Bank. For 13 years, Sue served as senior vice president for the Investment Services division at Nantucket Bank. She developed strong partnerships there that inspired her in 2010 to establish her own wealth-­‐management practice called Storey Financial Services. Sue has a special passion for proper asset management and financial planning, with a focus on helping self-­‐employed individuals, women, and retirees.

She has been actively involved in the Nantucket community. An accomplished sailor, Sue has served as a Board member of Nantucket Community Sailing, as well as Coaching Assistant and Women’s Clinic Instructor since 2005. In addition, she was a Board member of Small Friends on Nantucket where she was also involved in the capital campaign for building the new LEED-­‐certified school. In 2014, Sue joined the advisory board of Family and Children’s Services. She has been a long-­‐time member of the Advisory Board of Nantucket Lighthouse School.

Sue lives on-­‐island with her dog, Mike.

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Eric Verney

A Conservation Foundation member, landscaper, and father, Eric is grateful that there is an on island educational option like the Lighthouse School.

Eric was born in New Hampshire and spent summers on Nantucket with his family. After graduating from the University of Rhode Island, he moved to the island year round in 2001. He is an associate member of the Conservation Foundation and has a deep interest in protecting Nantucket’s open space. Eric met his wife Jenne on Nantucket and together they run a landscaping business. They have a two-year-old daughter Jimmie and after being introduced to the Lighthouse School is very grateful that there is an on island education very similar to the one he grew up with in New Hampshire at the Well School. In his free time he enjoys skiing, surfing, and spending time outdoors with his family.

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Rachael Freeman Slosek

Rachael's family is originally from Nantucket and she has spent time on the island throughout her life.

In 2003, after completing her graduate studies, she decided to move here year-round for a job at the Nantucket Conservation Foundation. Currently she is the Environmental Coordinator at the Nantucket Land Bank and is married to Sam Slosek, who co-owns Moors End Farm with his family. Together they have 3 children, Sophia, Ben and Eli, all of whom attend the Lighthouse School.

Both Rachael and Sam are pleased to have the opportunity for their children to attend a school that is educating them both academically and emotionally. They feel strongly that the Lighthouse School, is teaching their children to be confident thinkers, learners and problem solvers. What an amazing foundation for life!

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