Russell Morash Chair in Childhood Horticulture

Russell Morash Chair in Childhood Horticulture

Russell Morash has been a longtime friend of Nantucket Lighthouse School and an inspiration to generations of gardeners and farmers. From conducting workshops with our faculty and contributing to the success of the school's Nantucket Garden Festival, Russ was the obvious choice to serve as the Chair of our horticulture studies and as an advisor to our new Director of Horticulture, Rain Harbison. We are thrilled to work with Russ in this capacity and we are very grateful for his support of our efforts.

"I am honored to support the school in its continuing effort to introduce children to gardening. I know from personal experience that learning to garden can be an incredible stimulant. It is a key to understanding how nature works and what part we “humans” must play to protect it for generations to come. I wish I had started my gardening education in a nurturing setting like the one now being created at Nantucket Lighthouse School, so of course I will help in any way I can to share with others the joy I get from this wonderful activity." - Russell Morash

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Give the Gift of Education

Join us in honoring Russell Morash for his lifelong dedication to education and his support of Nantucket Lighthouse School. Your tax-deductible contribution will support:

  • Nine weekly classes for students in preschool through eighth grade

  • A four-season gardening curriculum

  • Partnerships with island non-profits and collaborations with community resources for field trips, research and citizen science initiatives


This position is made possible with thanks to a very generous anonymous donor. We are most grateful for her support of our school garden and her commitment to the education of our students.

Supporters of the Russell Morash Chair in Childhood Horticulture

Sustainer - three-year recurring gift
D. Anne and Rick Atherton
Logan Gomes
Julia and Stephen Maury
Mohr Gardening
Rachael Freeman Slosek and Sam Slosek

Cultivator - $1,000
Cassandra Henderson
Marian and Russell Morash

Nurturer - $500
Cary Hazlegrove and Andy Bullington
Carol March Emerson Cross
Jane and John Miller

Grower - $250
Nancy and Doug Abbey
Susan and Coleman Burke
Mark Lucas and Sarah Holton-Roth
Georgia Ann Snell

Sower - $100
Penny Dey
Dorothy Fallon
Suzy and Richard Grote
Linda and Joe Hale
Virginia Kinney
Kate Miller
Susan and Stephen O'Brien
Melissa and Nat Philbrick

Gardener - $50
Carol Bellmaine
Emily Miller and Schuyler Kuhl
Joan Stockman and Jacques Zimicki
Eric Verney

Farmer - $25
Alisa Allegrini
Mohr Gardening

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