How do you address Physical Education?

Our goals are for children to develop a healthy integration of body and self, to play cooperatively, to handle competition in a positive spirit, and to have fun. At Lighthouse School, children participate in both structured games and unstructured physical play. On weekly field trips, students explore our island and utilize the community’s parks and playing fields. Children work to develop fine motor skill and strength through handwork activities. Children are outside playing twice a day. Older students often take part in organized group games at recess. In addition, Primary and Upper Primary Classes take part in more formal activities such as Soccer, Ice Skating and Fitness Building. Middle School classes have P.E. units throughout the year including Rock Climbing with Strong Wings, Soccer, Health and Wellbeing, Yoga, Ice Skating, Dance/Hip Hop, and Fitness. Many Lighthouse students also take part in extracurricular activities such as soccer, hockey, ballet, and swimming.