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Lindsey’s 7/8th Grade Class Goes Camping

Posted on: Wed, October 21, 2015 at 1:58

Lindsey’s 7/8th Grade Class Goes Camping

Lindsey takes her 7/8th grade into the woods each fall on a camping trip.  For the socially oriented pre-adolescent, cooperative and interactive learning supports academic instruction and cultivates a sense of community. The camping trip offers many opportunities for cooperative and interactive learning, from setting up the camp site, insuring warmth in the collection of firewood, to preparing each meal and tidying up.   For the pre-adolescent who is defining, testing, transforming his/her perception of self and seeking to be understood and valued by others, the communal activities in the annual camping trip offer opportunity for growth.  Taking place at the start of the year as it does, the annual camping trip establishes the classroom as a cohesive environment.

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7/8th Grade Camping Trip