Starbuck Cottage Update #2 Taking Down Walls

Starbuck Cottage Update #2 Taking Down Walls

Exciting sounds are coming from The Starbuck Cottage this week!

With the first stages of demolition underway and interior walls removed, we can now envision the expanded spaces.


The basement is now a full-sized 13’ x 27’ classroom and will have radiant floor heating and a glass door to let in more light. On Tuesday of this week, the cement was poured for the expanded outdoor stairway that will lead to the Bullington Music Room.


In the main classroom, we are expanding the space by removing both a small interior wall and the large hearth steps in front of the fireplace. The dining room space is becoming an ADA-compliant bathroom, which is why you might notice that the dining room windows are being removed this week.


Check back for updates. We will continue to post on a regular basis.






Christine Braunohler Hanson
Head of School