A Very Special Thank You

A Very Special Thank You

Every year, Nantucket Lighthouse School is charged with the task of raising $350,000 to cover the operational gap – the TRUE cost of a Lighthouse eduction, which tuition alone does not cover. The Festival is one of three major fundraisers for our school.


Sixteen events were hosted over three days and ten different venues. Over the course of the three-day event, 300 participants became more familiar with our school and learned about our mission and philosophy and what makes Nantucket Lighthouse School so special. Business sponsorship grew as we welcomed new sponsors including: American Seasons, Champoux Landscape, Classic Wine Imports, Nantucket Bank, Nativ Made, Neil Paterson Inc., Tom Hanlon Landscaping and Topper’s at The Wauwinet. The event was a tremendous success in many ways and I simply cannot stress enough that this would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication of a team of NLS parents, faculty, staff, trustees, advisors and friends of our school.


It is with gratitude and appreciation that I would like to recognize the following individuals.
Our fabulous NGF Committee who gave tirelessly of their time and talents these past six months, curating the school’s most lucrative fundraiser and helping to keep our fundraising efforts on track.


A very special thank you to:


Casey Boukus – for curating a beautiful art show

Lindsey Cressman – for running three events, coordinating thank you gifts and catering, and always considering the minor details

Margaret Hallowell – for sponsoring the event, donating Ben Wolff pots and hosting an event in your beautiful garden

Alix Houghton – for designing our website, program and gorgeous event invitations

Leith Kinney – for running two events, coordinating catering, decorating our school and always lending a helping hand

Amy Pallenberg – for sponsoring the Festival and leading a walking tour

Bee Shay – for overseeing the children’s activities, teaching two classes, donating art to our auction and printing cards and tags

Candice Tetrault – for chairing not one, but two major parties, implementing a gorgeous marketplace and always thinking strategically

Jenne Verney – for suppling beautiful arrangements and scheduling our keynote speaker

Julie Wood – for coordinating four garden tours and all that entails


Thank you to the following Nantucket Lighthouse School parents and faculty and staff volunteers who greatly contributed to the success of the event. We are very thankful for your commitment to Nantucket Lighthouse School and willingness to give of your time and energy during the height of the summer.


Caleb Cressman

Alana Cullen & Marcus Foley

Kaity Farrell

Neil Ferguson

Katie Hemingway

Michelle Housel

Alicia Keller

Kevin Korn

Julia Maury

Emily Miller

Alesia Myers

Barrie Sanders

Rachael Freeman Slosek & Sam Slosek

Glena Stokes-Scarlett

Joan Stockman

Anne Topham

Geri Walker

Lisa Wisentaner

Holly Witherell & Eric Nordby

Barbara & Kyle Zachary


A special thank you to our Nantucket Lighthouse School Trustees and Board of Advisors who recruited business sponsors, attended multiple events and networked with festival participants, cultivating new friends of the school.


Nantucket Lighthouse School Board of Trustees


D. Anne Atherton, Chair

Charity Benz

Penny Dey, Treasurer

Sabrina Elwell, Secretary

Cary Hazlegrove

Mark Lucas, Vice Chair

Julia Maury

Jane Miller

Kitty Pochman

Rachael Freeman Slosek

Susan Storey

Brian Sullivan

Eric Verney

Lizbet Carroll Fuller, Emerita


Nantucket Lighthouse School Board of Advisors


Susan O’Brien, Chair

Laura Cunningham

Joe Guay

Sandi Holland

Larry Lebowitz

Neil Marttila

John Miller

Robert Sarkisian

Connie Umberger


Funding Our Need

Each year at the Garden Soirée, guests are asked to raise their hands in support of our school’s fund-the-need campaign. Two years ago guests funded the expansion of our Educational Garden and the purchase of our greenhouse. Last year, Soirée donors funded the purchase of 20 MacBook Pro computers for our middle school students. This year during the fund-the-need live ask, $29,000 was raised for our Head, Heart and Hand Scholarship Fund, which provides financial aid to current and incoming Nantucket Lighthouse School students. We are very grateful to the following fund-the-need donors:


Charity Benz

Amanda Cross

Margaret & John Falk

Logan & Tiago Gomes

Beverly Hall & David Billings

Cary Hazlegrove & Andy Bullington

Sarah Holton-Roth & Mark Lucas

Carol & Robert Miller

Emily Miller & Schuyler Kuhl

Denise & Jack Korngold

Mary Jane & William MacLean

Joan & Tim Moran

Marian & Russ Morash

Connie Mundy

Susan & Stephen O’Brien

Deborah Pilla

Kitty & Tom Pochman

Linda & Craig Spery

Bee & Lowell Shay

Molly Walsh

Barbara & Kyle Zachary


It is a pleasure to serve our Lighthouse community and witness the impact we have on our school and the happy, thoughtful kids grown here. It is because of these children (our children) that we show up and make it happen. And it wouldn’t happen without you and your support.


With gratitude,


Logan Gomes
Director of Advancement