Nantucket License Plate

Massachusetts car owners now have an opportunity to make any car an island car, regardless of where they live. All proceeds benefit Nantucket children. 

The Nantucket License Plate is a MASSDOT sanctioned Specialty License Plate available for Massachusetts registered motor vehicles…with the exception of commercial vehicles. Revenues from Nantucket License Plate sales go directly to support Island non-profits for their programs that benefit children. Local Nantucket artist David Lazarus designed the island and whale logo and Creative Pilot based in Boston produced the graphics.

The initial Specialty Plate fee set by the state is $40, of which $12 goes to cover the state's production cost and $28 returns to Nantucket. Note that this $28 is tax-deductible for the applicant. A $40 renewal fee, also set by the state, will be due every two years. For future renewals, the entire renewal fee will benefit Island non-profits and is fully tax-deductible.

Next Steps:
We currently have 2,000 plates on the road! We must register an additional 1,000 plates by October 2017 to reach the state-mandated 3,000 plates sold requirement.

Purchase your Nantucket License Plate today! Once we have exceeded 3,000 registered Nantucket License Plates, the program will continue into the future, unless modified or ceased by the state.

A collection of low and special number plates, (NI 2, NI 3, NI 4, NI 6, NI 7, NI 8, NI 9, NI 10, NI 203, NI 212, NI 228, NI 257 and NI 888),  will be available through an online auction from December 1 - December 23, 2016. All proceeds will go to benefit the nonprofit partners and the nonprofit sponsor for programs that benefit Island children. More details.

Nantucket Lighthouse School originally agreed to serve as the principle non-profit sponsor, and has devoted thousands of volunteer hours to the effort in order to make a Nantucket License Plate a reality for our Island. In keeping with the School’s community-minded spirit, it has committed to ensuring over half of net proceeds go to other Island non-profits that benefit children.

Island nonprofits that serve children were asked to join this community effort and were eligible to receive revenue for every plate sale they generated during the initial drive to 1,500 applications. Based on the amount of applications collected, the program now has four non-profit partners in perpetuity: A Safe Place, First Congregational Church of Nantucket, Nantucket Community Sailing and St. Mary, Our Lady of the Isle Catholic Church. These partners are represented on the License Plate Committee and receive a pro-rata percentage of net revenue. There are fourteen additional non-profits that helped with initial marketing and sales efforts and these organizations are also eligible to receive a percentage of net revenue in perpetuity.

In addition, each year, 25% of net revenue will be distributed to Island non-profits for the benefit of children through the Community Foundation for Nantucket’s principal community grants program: the Nantucket Fund™.  These grants are awarded at the discretion of the Community Foundation for Nantucket. All 501c3 Nantucket non-profits that serve children have an opportunity to benefit from revenue generated from the Nantucket License Plate.

Tucker Holland, Co-chairman

Robert Sarkisian, Co-chairman and First Congregational Church Representative

Margaretta Andrews, Community Foundation for Nantucket Representative

Charity Benz, Nantucket Lighthouse School Representative

Diana Brown, Nantucket Community Sailing Representative

Janis Carreiro, A Safe Place Nantucket Representative

Logan Gomes, Nantucket Lighthouse School Representative

Cary Hazlegrove, Nantucket Lighthouse School Representative

Lucy Hehir, St. Mary’s Our Lady of the Isle Representative

Stephen Maury (Emeritus)

Emily Miller (Emerita)

Jane Miller

Sue Mynttinen

Joan Stockman, Nantucket Lighthouse School Representative

Brent Tartamella

Nantucket License Plate Committee
PO Box 3662
Nantucket, MA 02584

Purchase a Nantucket License Plate and support island children!