Camp Cody

Camp Cody


Always a highlight of the school year, this outdoor education program presents a wonderful bonding experience for students, teachers and Middle School families.  

Everyone arrived at the ferry excited and optimistic given our early morning rainbow omen; students chatted on the boat and bus ride, anxiously asking: “Are we there yet?” “How much longer?!” 

Though we arrived in rain, the staff and counselors at Camp Cody greeted us with warmth and sunshine. By the end of our three days together, they felt like family, caring for our students (and teachers!) like they had known us for years.


Some of our favorite moments were learning about lake ecology and the complex relationships in ecosystems, as well as challenging our communication skills and problem-solving strategies during a low-ropes course. We also played fun and educational games such as Bat and Moth (Marco Polo echolocation-style) and Rockety Rock Rock Rock, while resting on the side of a mountain at the peak of our hike. Other highlights included transition times between activities spent braiding hair, relaxing, and chatting in the cabins, and the amazing night hike, stargazing on the still lake, under a gorgeous moon, ending with a beautiful campfire sing-along and gratefulness sharing.

We supported each other with kindness and love and rounded out our trip with smiles and pizza.

Camp Cody Memories
by NLS Middle School Students

Camp Cody Memories
Start in the morning
at the sunrise
over the lake.


A baby chipmunk
Was eating a nut,
Testing PH,
The mountain views,
Helping each other,
Catching Salamanders.


I loved
sitting on the rock
looking at the stars.


Listening to the water ripple
and hearing the fire crack
at the same time.


I saw
on the lake.


Just being here
with you
was great.