Nantucket Lighthouse School Victory Gardeners!

Nantucket Lighthouse School Victory Gardeners!


This week our new Director of Horticulture, Rain Harbison, led nine classes in various horticulture related studies as part of our recently established Russell Morash Chair in Childhood Horticulture. All of the students weeded their class garden beds and thoroughly weeded the ‘out of fence’ beds in preparation for planting garlic. Additionally, students collected seeds for next year’s garden and extras for the Yuletide Fair. Students will continue to harvest seeds as more mature.


Older students practiced emptying and sifting the compost bins and amending the gardens with the finished compost. They also collected soil samples for testing, which included figuring out the square footage of the total planting area. The 5/6th graders discussed monocot and dicot varieties of plants while planting a cool season lettuce mix (dicot), peas (dicot) and chives (monocot). Younger students incorporated compost into the greenhouse beds and planted fava beans; they are already eager to enjoy their first bean harvest!


A few words from our Chair:


“I am honored to support Nantucket Lighthouse School in its continuing effort to introduce children to gardening. I know from personal experience that learning to garden can be an incredible stimulant. It is a key to understanding how nature works and what part we “humans” must play to protect it for generations to come.


I wish I had started my gardening education in a nurturing setting like the one now being created at Nantucket Lighthouse School, so of course I will help in any way I can to share with others the joy I get from this wonderful activity.” – Russell Morash

Thanks to the generous donors who have supported the Russell Morash Chair in Childhood Horticulture, Nantucket Lighthouse School students in preschool through eighth grade will benefit from a weekly horticulture class.

Thank you for giving the gift of education!