Nantucket Lighthouse School is a vibrant community of parents, faculty, staff and students.  Lighthouse School parents’ involvement in their child’s education enhances the school experience and enriches the community.  A trusting and communicative partnership between teacher and parent is essential. Parental observations and insights are an invaluable source of information. We expect that, throughout the course of a child’s years at Lighthouse, both teachers and parents will approach this challenging and rewarding partnership wholeheartedly; with honesty, patience, receptivity and humor.


When parents share their knowledge and talents, they help create a more enriching environment. There are numerous ways to get involved at Nantucket Lighthouse School. Parents help in classrooms, serve on committees, share skills and interests at All School Meeting, participate in fundraising efforts, help students with community service projects and volunteer at school events.


By volunteering at the Nantucket Lighthouse School, you will get to know your child’s classmates, the faculty and staff, and you will get to see the school in action. Just as importantly, you will get to know the parents of your child’s classmates and these connections and friendships will serve you well throughout your years at NLS.


Parent Testimonial

The approach to teaching each child as an individual was one of the deciding factors in our choosing Nantucket Lighthouse School. Just walking into the classrooms, I immediately “got it.” I knew this was not only a perfect fit for my child but also for my family.

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