Articles & Videos about Education

The Decline of Play in Preschoolers -- and the rise of sensory issues.


Is Your Child Ready to Read? An interesting article on how a play-based childhood develops the sensory-motor integration critical to reading readiness.


Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?


Playing to Learn -- "Success depends on embracing a curriculum focused on essential skills like reading, writing, computation, pattern detection, conversation and collaboration — a curriculum designed to raise children, rather than test scores."


John Taylor Gatto: Why Schools Don't Educate -- "We need to invent curriculum where each kid has a chance to develop private uniqueness and self-reliance."


Endangered Minds -- "Meaningful learning -- the kind that will equip our children and our society for the uncertain challenges of the future -- occurs at the intersection of developmental readiness, curiosity, and significant subject matter."


Sir Ken Robinson, Creativity, Learning & the Curriculum: "Human life is based on diversity and individuality ... The big problem for education is that it is based on principles of conformity and increasingly on standardization."


Strangers in our Homes: TV and Our Children's Minds


What if the Secret to Success is Failure?


What America can Learn from Finland Schools


The School Day is Not a Race: Let's Change the Pace!


Honoring the Pace of Childhood  -- "...the three-year-old is not an incomplete five-year-old, but a complete, total and whole three-year-old. If a child is given all the nurturing to be here as a three year old, they'll be the perfect five year old later on, and so on."


The Importance of Play -- "The ability to play is one of the principal criteria of mental health."


Why So Many Kids Can't Sit Still -- "In order for children to learn, they need to be able to pay attention. In order to pay attention, we need to let them move."